Technology and Application
Product Lines

LEADTECH relying on years of technology accumulation and R&D innovation, Focus on intelligent automotive, consumer electronics & digital energy. Its products cover 8 series, including Vision Metrology,AI Inspection,Five-axis High-speed Dispensing, High-flow sealing,Camera Test,Electrical Test,Reliability Test,3D Assembly.
Self-developed 3D&AI vision algorithm, five-axis precision fluid technology, and integrated testing and other core technologies.

Vision Metrology
Fully independent visual algorithm library. Global top supplier for electronic product measurement equipment
Large Scene 3D Guidance & Measurement
Suitable for 3D assembly & measurement of die-casting part, auto part, motor engine block and curved windshield
Battery Shell & Module Full Size Measure
Multi-sensor point cloud splicing tech, large scene full-size 3D scan, solutions for battery case and module measurement
Universal Full Dimension 3D Metrology
Full-size measurement of the front frame, middle frame, and back panel of a general-purpose mobile phone/tablet/notebook/watch. 360° full scanning measurement.
AI Inspection
Self-developed Al algorithm and inspection technology,allow surface defect measurement and inspection for transparent materials, free-form curves, and multi-layer structures.
CTC&CTB Battery Pack Inspection
Flatness inspection of automotive square and cylindrical batteries, busbar welding, gluing, electronic connectors, defects inspection of housings
Glass Defect Detection
Full inspection of glass appearance defects with high market share
Metal Overall Defect Inspection
AI automatic feature extraction for 50+ defects of metals
3D Assembly
3D visual guidance, grasping, six-dimensional force control advanced technology, to meet the needs of precision automatic assembly in all scenarios
Universal phone/watch assembly automatic line
High-precision visual guidance technology, minimum M0.8 level micro screw lock mobile phone watch assembly automatic line
FPC Six-dimensional Force-controlled Docking
3D visual guidance + detection integration, integrated six-dimensional force control technology automatic assembly solution
Automobile Curved Screen Lamination & Cold Bending Smart Factory
Integrated cold bending, assembly, testing, transportation, cleaning, plating, handling, filming, packaging and other processes intelligent whole plant