Standard Products
3D Scanner
Non-contact high speed GD&T measurement for different material with flat & curved surface
Full-space Calibration Automatic scanning path planning
High coverage of different material Metal, Glass, Plastic, Ceramic
Micron-level precision, no-contact measurement with high repeatability
High speed metrology system for GD&T in a few minutes
Technical Features
  • Self-development 3D algorithm platform-Testreal®

    Complete & easy-to-use metrology library 100% GD&T measurement, morphology fit Multi-sensor fusion, Full-space calibration CAD-Point Clouds comparison, Axis error compensation

  • Visualized data analysis

    Heat map for the deviation between CAD and point clouds 10 millions point clouds to show the quality of samples

  • High precision 5-axis system

    Scanning the samples with 360° Repeatability 5μm

  • High speed non-contact measurement

    High speed metrology system for GD&T in just a fraction of time versus a traditional CMM Non-contact measurement with confocal/laser

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Glass

  • Improve the efficiency of optimizing process to avoid the manpower, material energy wasting

  • Reduce the lead time of developing new parts

  • Improve per area throughput

Technical Features
Equipment dimensions 1800mm*1600mm*2200mm
Equipment Weight 3500Kg
Equipment voltage AC 220V
Equipment electricity AC 25A
Air Presuree 0.55-0.8(Mpa)
Operating Temperature 22-26 ℃
Function Parameters
Part volume(Max) 400mm*400mm*150mm
Part weight(Max) 15Kg
Part material Metal, Glass, Plastic, Ceramic
Repeatability 5μm
Z repeatability 3μm
CT >6s
Standard function
3D Scan with 5-axis Automatic scanning path planning Heat map SPC Offline scanning path simulation
Optional function
2D Module CP Heatmap Automatic loading/unloading Automatic barcode reader
Multi-axes AI Universal Cosmetic Platform-UCP
Supported by smart AI model and the entire process data tool chain, efficient product cosmetic inspection could be achieved in all space; through configurable standard modules, rapid MP delivery could be achieved
Universal Platform Design

Widely application Convenient integration


Multi nest consistency Quantitative configuration

Modular Design

Axes flexible combination Configurable functional modularization

Rapid Delivery

Intelligent operation tool Easy to verify

Main Functions
  • Double-sides Multi-axes Motion System

  • Patent-authorization Universal Lights

  • AI Inspection Platform

  • Phone

  • Wearable

  • Module

  • Small Parts

Product characteristics
Whole-space Coverage

Double sides inspection Free rotation

AI Big Data
Precise Detection

Strong detection paradigm Controlled defect generation

Five-axes Motion
Multi-dimensional Optics

5-DoF Programmable lights

High-speed Fly-shot
Algorithm Acceleration

Interpolation fly-shot CUDA optimization

Technical Parameter
Motion Module
Light Module
Optics System
AI Algorithm
Five/Eight axes (Optional)
Patent-authorized light
5M/12M (Optional)
Data-centric AI platform
All angles coverage on all sides
Automatic lines/manual machine
Multi-axes Motion, All-space coverage
Adapt to common cosmetic inspection in multiple scenarios
Equipped with the intelligent optical calibration system Achieve imaging quantification consistency
Interpolation fly-shot technology, improving trace efficiency by more than 20%
High inspection and low escape Efficient delivery of process data tool chain
High effciency of inspection Convenient for verification
Flexible integrated application